How does one enable/disable compression in YugaByte?

Is there an option to override this at the table-level? What is the default for compression - is it on/off?

Hi @busybruner,

I have added some information about this. Also included code snippets below, but feel free to ignore those if its TMI :wink:

  • Compression on disk is controlled by the following flag: --enable_ondisk_compression.

  • By default, it is enabled. Start the processes with the flag set to false to disable compression.

     93 DEFINE_bool(enable_ondisk_compression, true,
     94      "Determines whether SSTable compression is enabled or not.");
  • Default compression type is Snappy.

    462   options->compression = rocksdb::Snappy_Supported() && FLAGS_enable_ondisk_compression
    463       ? rocksdb::kSnappyCompression : rocksdb::kNoCompression;
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