Helm multi disk cluster

How can I create clusters that have multi disk(ssd) nodes by using Helm?
There can be 3 discs in one node and 4 to 5 disk in another node, disk number is not constant.

Hi @selcukbey

This is not supported by helm/kubernetes. All pods in a statefulset must be identical. Aside from that, this seems like a deployment approach / topology we wouldn’t recommend anyway. It is ideal for each node in the universe to contain a (roughly) equal amount of data.

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Thank you for answer! @dorian_yugabyte

So, How can we create multi-disk cluster(universe) by using helm? I couldn’t see anything in the documents about this subject.

I want to use Local storage/disk, I have 4TB NVME disks in my hand. In every node, I have 2 number of disks, but in the future I might add disks to the nodes. Does YugaByte support adding disks?

Finally, is it better to use Operator or Helm?

Is there anyone who can help?

In the values.yaml file that is part of the helm chart, there appears the following section:

  ephemeral: false  # will not allocate PVs when true
    count: 2
    size: 10Gi
    storageClass: standard
    count: 2
    size: 10Gi
    storageClass: standard

The count refers to the number of volumes, and then size refers to the volume capacity. Use the ephemeral option if you are using local disks vs PVs.

Once a tablet server has been created, it is not possible to add disks, only to resize them if the storage provisioner allows. To add space, you would scale horizontally by adding nodes while the system is live. If you wanted to change the number of volumes, you would need to create new nodes/pods as a different cluster and then use backup/restore to copy the data over to the new configuration.

Hope this helps.

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Hello, thank you for your answer!

Is there no way to add a disk? Currently there are two disks on each node. Isn’t there a way to add a disk to each node and increase the number of disks to 3 per node?

Not at this time. Once the cluster has been initialized with a given number of disks per node, that cannot be changed without reinitializing the cluster. You can make the drives bigger, but you cannot alter the number of disks used for storing data.


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Thank you for your answer!

So are there any github issues about increasing the number of disks? I am asking to keep on following.

I don’t believe there is one. Feel free to create it Issues · yugabyte/yugabyte-db · GitHub

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