Failed to trigger leader election: Illegal state

Can you check something just to be sure… I had in mind that the yb-masters are on yb1,yb2,yb3 but can you check (the master UI home page)?

and also, when yb5 is down, what if you add a new node? I just winder if there’s enough space in the remaining node.

Yes, masters are yb{1,2,3}. yb3 is leader.
There is enough space, as you can see here:
And adding another 4TB node is not so easy

And here. This graph is for the same time span, but from yb3 and yb4. These servers had not received any new tablets

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df -h | grep data

/dev/mapper/vg0-mnt+data1 1.8T 1.1T 622G 64% /mnt/data1
/dev/mapper/vg1-mnt+data2 1.8T 1.1T 610G 64% /mnt/data2