Deploy on Amazon EKS using Fargate

On step 1 (1. Create a EKS cluster), I tried to create a cluster using fargate by setting the last option with “-- fargate”. However, YugabyteDB installation did not work as it did when the cluster was created using managed node ("-- managed"). Pods were created but not running. Is it actually possible to use fargate?

Hi @cyberboy

Database workloads are a very bad use-case for serverless.
Anything that maintains a lot of state is. It’s a complete anti pattern.
cc @sanketh

Thank you for your reply
So is it safe to say that yugabytedb cannot be deployed on Amazon EKS with fargate as an option?

It should be possible to create. Can you open a github issue with the erorr that you’re getting ?

But database workloads cannot be spun up/down randomly like you do with app containers, because they need to re-distribute data and keep a minimum number of nodes always online to satisfy the replication factor.