CDC Not working on YB

We are using YB Version: yugabyte-
And Kafka connect(2.12-2.5.1) to fetch data from YB we tried all the connectors from here Releases · yugabyte/debezium-connector-yugabytedb · GitHub
Still, we are getting the error with an invalid method name: GetTabletListToPollForCDC (org.yb.client.TabletClient:380) .
Can you please help us to which connector will work for this YB Version?

Hi @omega

Can you upgrade your cluster to 2.18 or 2.20?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte ,
An upgrade is not possible for now.

  1. Can’t we run CDC on yugabyte- ? As mentioned in Doc CDC supports YB 2.13
  2. What YB version supports stable CDC?
  3. If YB Support CDC can you please share the exact connector for the same.

We were in our very early beta release phases at that time.
Is there a reason you can’t upgrade to 2.18?

Our whole infra running on YB and currently, we do not know what things will break if we upgrade to the new YB version.

The conversation continued and concluded in slack with the following message:

We would recommend that you use the version 1.9.5.y.3 with the above mentioned YB version i.e. Release GA Candidate 3 · yugabyte/debezium-connector-yugabytedb · GitHub. However, note that CDC was an early access feature during 2.14 and had some shortcomings which were fixed in later releases. In such case, we also recommend that you upgrade to a later and stable version 2.18 and use the connector 1.9.5.y.33.2 with the same.