Cassandra-csharp-driver NoHostAvailable Exception

Hello yugabyte,
I’m using yugabyte-cassandra-csharp-driver to develop an AWS lambda which is used to load s3 file to yugabyte.

However the NoHostAvailable Exception happen frequently, especially when I increase the concurrency of lambda greater than 5.
And it was weird that if I dispose the session when the lambda run to end, this kind of exception happen more often.

I don’t know what’s the root cause. suspect if was caused by lambda start, stop in short time, which request too much connection? If so I would use self-contained process to do so that the session could be used longer.
Could you please help confirm if the root cause is what I guess?

Thank you.

hi @Fulton_Fu
Can you send any WARNING/INFO logs from the tserver/master when this happens ?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte,
I don’t have the permission to access the instance for now, would check that when available.