Cassandra-csharp-driver NoHostAvailable Exception

Hello yugabyte,
I’m using yugabyte-cassandra-csharp-driver to develop an AWS lambda which is used to load s3 file to yugabyte.

However the NoHostAvailable Exception happen frequently, especially when I increase the concurrency of lambda greater than 5.
And it was weird that if I dispose the session when the lambda run to end, this kind of exception happen more often.

I don’t know what’s the root cause. suspect if was caused by lambda start, stop in short time, which request too much connection? If so I would use self-contained process to do so that the session could be used longer.
Could you please help confirm if the root cause is what I guess?

Thank you.

hi @Fulton_Fu
Can you send any WARNING/INFO logs from the tserver/master when this happens ?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte,
I don’t have the permission to access the instance for now, would check that when available.

That exception happens when the client doesn’t can’t connect to the server.
Is there something in between ? Maybe you’ve set the wrong connection details ?
Does it work with cqlsh ?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte

The connection should be right, because it work after retry several times(I think this kind of exception should be timeout…).