Can't build in Ubuntu 18.04, can't compile ncurses

[Question posted by a user on YugabyteDB Community Slack ]

Getting this error when trying to build in Ubuntu 18.04 after following the docs:

[libedit (common)] configure: error: ncurses.h, curses.h, or termcap.h is required!
Execution failed with code: 1
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 1086, in <module>
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 1074, in main
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 247, in run
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 741, in build
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 822, in build_dependency
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/build_definitions/", line 33, in build
    builder.build_with_configure(log_prefix, ['--with-pic'])
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/", line 685, in build_with_configure
    log_output(log_prefix, configure_args)
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/build_definitions/", line 102, in log_output
    fatal("Execution failed with code: {}".format(exit_code))
  File "/home/awagh/yugabyte-db/thirdparty/build_definitions/", line 74, in fatal
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:559 (message):
  Thirdparty was built unsuccessfully, terminating.

You need to install the libncurses5-dev package.