Benchmark using Sysbench

I am new with YugabyteDB and I have followed the instructions for benchmarking using sysbench here:

However, I am confused about the pgsql-host and pgsql-port in the command. How can I get those values after deploying YB-Tservers and YB-Master? Is it the host and port of one of YB-Tserver nodes or YB-Master nodes?

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--pgsql-host is the ip of the yb-tserver process. Clients always connect to yb-tservers.
--pgsql-port is the port of YSQL, which by default is 5433. It’s the same address+port as set in –pgsql_proxy_bind_address in yb-tserver.

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My deployment model 3 YB-TServers and 3 YB-Masters distributed on 3 nodes. Also we have 1 HAProxy on another node to perform load balance between YB-TServers so clients call requests to HAProxy instead of YB-TServers. Because we use sysbench to benchmark which takes only one host and port in the config file so we use the host and port of HAProxy. Does that model degrade YugabyteDB performance?

@Quy_n_Ph_m just like I explained in, it adds latency because of more network hops, but the databases is not slower. The throughput should be the same.