Are there any plans to support Yugabyte DB for nodes with hard-disks?

The system requirements checklist ( suggests using SSDs. But are there any future plans to add support for servers with hard-disks (HDD)?

Currently, the biggest bottleneck is DDL, which is inefficient and is being fixed in 2.1

Can you try again after that ? Then we can change some settings to work better on HDD.

It wont be official support though.

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i also want to run yugabyte DB with HDD. Can you tell me when the version 2.1 will be released?

2.1 will be available in Q1 2020.
Note that HDD support won’t be official.

thank you for your answer. Can you tell me why the db has to be with SSD?

We optimized for low latency OLTP workloads.
If you want low latency you just can’t use HDD.
We don’t yet do log multiplexing
It’s just a matter of priorities. By lowering general overhead HDD will be more possible