Client can not connect yugabyte cluster three node, after yb-tmaster leader down

Hi team,
I have a problem :
I install Yugabyte on three node, three tmaster as blow:

./bin/yb-admin -master_addresses $MASTERS list_all_masters
I0707 06:34:59.091367 12198] MemTracker: hard memory limit is 13.092440 GB
I0707 06:34:59.091496 12198] MemTracker: soft memory limit is 11.128573 GB
I0707 06:34:59.093149 12198] Starting thread pool { name: yb-admin queue_limit: 10000 max_workers: 1024 }
I0707 06:34:59.093987 12198] New master addresses: [,,]
Master UUID RPC Host/Port State Role
4fbb0333833941239213f4e14338a1b3 ALIVE FOLLOWER
79c143e5dc614c7591b72c7908187549 ALIVE LEADER
af8a5d643f9249af941885627d4671a0 ALIVE FOLLOWER

but after tmaster leader down then client can not connect .
Please help me resolve problem!


Hi @bnducgiang90

Sorry for taking this long.
Are you still having an issue ?
Can you tell what error you got on the client and which node you tried to connect ?

@dorian_yugabyte, @bnducgiang90:

This issue was reported on github also and resolved.